Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Halloween Costume--The Mad Hatter

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         This Halloween was EPIC. I hope it was the type of Halloween Scarlett will remember forever, after all, isn't that what it's all about?? I'll have to start by admitting to you that my husband and I are a tiny bit obsessed with our child's Halloween costume. I suppose the mixture of artist and seamstress makes for some interesting costume building (and a little bickering if I'm completely honest);)

With all of THAT being said, I'll share with you last year's costume. Maleficent.

The dress is handmade, and my husband made the horns. It was the first year that we collaborated on Scarlett's Halloween costume. We decided that this year had to be BETTER. I was panicked. Scared. downright TERRIFIED. Especially when friends on Facebook started saying stuff like, "I've been waiting all year to see what you come up with" Oh crap.

And here Scarlett is as the mad hatter. We were SO happy with how it turned out. Fun, and actually easy to pull off.

Costume breakdown:

Hat- E-bay is where I got mine, but the same hat can be purchased Here.
(There is a child version and an adult version of this hat)
Coat- Handmade by me. I just happened to have this coat that was way too small for Scar, but if I had not already had it, I would have picked up something at the thrift and sewed the lace into the sleeves.
Tie- Vintage from a flea market
Undershirt- thrifted
Pants- Handmade by me. (Once again, they just happened to be in the donation pile because they were flooding on Scar. I would have thrifted some pinstripe pants if I had not already had them.)
Thread bandelier- Made by me. All I did was take thread spools and threaded them on fishing line to hold them together.
Hair- Pink Manic Panic (Bought from Sally's Beauty Supply, but can be found Here. STILL trying to get this out of her hair 2 weeks later)
Socks- Old striped stockings that were too small so I cut them up.
Boots-We wore a combo of two different boots with this costume. Dr. Martens and Steve Maddens
We of coarse already had the boots, but I included links because we get a lot of people asking where they came from.
Make-up- Cheap costume make-up from Wal-Mart. (Scarlett's face broke out after 3 days of wearing this, so I would buy a better quality next time)

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